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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

At Sports and Physical Therapy Associates, we treat many types of pain and inflammation, including low back pain which affects up to 80 percent of Americans. Our expertise is in the treatment of orthopedic disorders. 

Sports and Physical Therapy Associates (SPTA) is a group of Physical Therapists devoted to providing the community with the most up to date injury detection, post injury rehabilitation, and sports specific training in the New England area. We work together to take the injured athlete from the field to the training room, the MD's office, the PT clinic and then back to the playing field as quickly and safely as possible. 

Our group of health professionals are affiliated with the local high schools, colleges and pro teams.  We have developed close relationships with physicians from the major hospitals in the Boston and North Shore area to allow our patients and athletes to have quick access to acute medical evaluations.

Our group of Physical Therapists and Assistants utilize the most up-to-date evidence based therapy techniques with our patients. 'SPTA' exercise progressions bring a patient from post injury through rehabilitation to the final sports specific phase.  Specialty programs include Cervical and Lumbar injuries, ACL prevention and Post-Concussion treatment. You will learn what it takes to return to your sport or activity without re-injury.

At Sports and Physical Therapy Associates, your care is extremely important to us. We want your rehabilitation to be as thorough and individualized as possible. Our physical therapists and staff will help you achieve success. We hope SPTA can assist you with all of your Physical Therapy needs.  We will help you "Bridge the Gap between Injury and Fitness," or whatever your goals may be.    

Treatment Options 

Postural Analysis
Home Exercise Programs
Exercise Instruction
Soft Tissue Mobilization/Massage
Muscle Energy
Myofascial Release
Joint Mobilization
Thermotherapy & Cryotherapy
Electrical Stimulation/TENS
Aquatic Therapy

Areas of Specialty

Sports Medicine
Pain Management
Occupational Health

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