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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a quick question regarding membership?

See some of our frequently asked questions below.

Do you have family membership?

Yes. Family memberships are determined by number of family members and ages.

Can I get a Re-Imbursement from my health coverage?

Yes, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Fallon Community Health, and Harvard Pilgrim all give health club re-imbursements, please check with other providers as to their re-imbursement policies. (If applicable)

What is included in membership?

                     All our amenities are included (excluding playcare, tanning, and personal training packages).

What hours are you open?

Hours vary by location, see individual club links for specific location hours.

Do I have access to other LATITUDE locations?

Yes. Multi-club memberships are available.

Can I work out for the day?

Yes. Day passes are available, prices vary by location.

Will I have access to professional guidance?

Yes. We are the exclusive North Shore Co-ed club offering the PFP program. (See training link)

At what age can I become a member?

Our Youth membership is available to children at the age of 10.

Do I have access to the pool all hours, even during classes?

Yes. Lap swimming is available at all times, even during water classes. (See pool schedule)

Can I bring my children to use the pool?

Yes. Family Swim is offered for our members to bring their children in from 6 months to 9 years old complimentary. (See schedule for Family Swim times)

What are your busy times?

All clubs are busy at the same time (Before work and after work hours), that’s why LATITUDE builds its clubs so large; so despite the fact of higher # of people, there are still plenty of machines and space to workout. This way you are not working out right on top of another member or waiting for machines like you would be at a smaller club.

Do your classes get full?

Our aerobics studios are the largest in the area and can accommodate very high volume of attendees, however we also have the largest number of classes offered throughout the day and because of the many options our class numbers stay relatively low.

Do your offer reduced rates?

Yes. We have a select few businesses that have setup discounts for their employees. We also offer Military, Senior and Student Discounts. Youth & Family Rates are also available at a reduced rate.

Do I have to sign up in advance to take classes?

The only class that requires sign up is spin (so that everyone is assured a bike) but all of our classes are first-come, first-serve. All equipment is provided, however if you’d like to bring your own yoga mat to yoga class you are more than welcome.

What are your cancelation policies?

We obviously do not like to talk about cancelation before you even join but there may come a time where our club is no longer the most convenient for you and we offer many options for cancelation. Our Month to Month program allows you to cancel anytime. (30 day notice)

What conveniences does the online member portal offer?
  •                Update your billing
  •                Make a payment on your account
  •                Update your contact information
  •                Print/View your attendance report
  •                Print/View your contract
  •                Print/View your payment history
  •                Print/View your statements