Can I target certain areas to burn fat on my Body? Busting Myths.

Ab Crunches to burn belly fat.
Tricep presses to lose the fat on the back of the arm.
Working legs for smaller hips.

and No.

Oh how sweet and easy life would be if it were that simple, but there is not such thing as "spot reduction." The truth is that you cannot target a certain area to burn fat on your body. While muscle building exercises such as strengthening the abs, triceps and legs should most likely play a part in your workout-they should not be used in an effort to burn fat on those particular areas respectively.

If your goal is to burn fat in certain areas the best way is to start with a cardio and strength training workout that incorporates the whole body (obviously overall nutrition plays a large role here). With your workout plan you will begin to lose body fat and gain muscle. As you lower your overall body fat percentage you will ultimately start to see the changes in the areas you are trying to reduce.

As always if you have any further questions please refer to your local Fitness Director at your club.

Thanks and have a healthy day.