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About Latitude Sports Clubs

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About Latitude Sports Clubs

"Member for 25 years. Great facility, flexible hours and helpful, cheerful staff!"

John Malis,


Provide you with a health and wellness destination that holds your enthusiasm by offering education, exercise variety, follow up and encouragement every step of the way.

About Latitude

We like to think of ourselves as craftsmen. With four family-owned locations backed by ownership with 30 years of experience in the sports club industry, each facility was built with our member's needs in mind. Our passion is building great spaces and then stocking them with great people and the best equipment. After all, anyone can build a gym, but there is only one Latitude.


30 Years ago a seed was planted for what would become one of the most award winning fitness players in New England. John Grossi began lifting weights in his basement with "homemade" workout equipment. In 1982, as an electrician by trade, John decided to make a very unique move for his time. He left a secure-paying job to pursue his passion in the unchartered fitness business. Grossi saw an opportunity and he became a pioneer by bringing one of the first large franchise fitness facilities east of the Mississippi; and since then he hasn't looked back! Throughout the years John has consulted, built, and owned numerous facilities throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Today his vision reflects the same ideals as 1982: Create the best fitness spaces for members to achieve their goals. Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy Latitude Sports Clubs. JG

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